Add Functional Storage to Any Space

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Small spaces often fall victim to excessive clutter and disorganization. Does your home need a custom solution? Contact the experts at CNC Custom Cabinets to see how custom built-ins and entertainment centers can transform your space in Shelbyville, Frankfort & Louisville, KY.

Built-in shelving and cabinets can completely change the way you think about storage and organization. Our completely custom built-ins are designed entirely from the ground up to fit your needs. Call 502-226-0666 today to learn more about our custom entertainment centers, cabinets and shelving.

Why should you consider built-in cabinets?

Why should you consider built-in cabinets?

Instead of purchasing generic shelving and cabinets, a fully built-in solution will give you total control over the finished product. Choose a custom built-in to benefit from:

  • Safe and secure shelving drilled directly into your studs
  • Just the right amount of storage to suit your needs
  • Custom finishes to match your interior design scheme

Our custom entertainment centers are a great option to store your speakers, screens and gadgets without showing wires. Reach out to us today for a price estimate on a custom built-in.